About Us



About Us
Jethro Health System, LLC is a home health care found to provide quality patient care to patients in the comfort of their home, also to decrease rehospitalization and manage their illness at home. We focus on each client as an individual and provide assistance to family members in an atmosphere that fosters dignity, healing, and independence. We work with our patient doctors and other healthcare professionals to ensure good and quality care at home. Our highly skilled professional staffs are competent in different areas, at Jethro health System, we are committed to meeting the healthcare needs of our clients and making a difference in their lives

Our Services

Skilled Nursing
Occupational Therapy
Physical Therapy
Senior Woman At Home Using Walking Frame Being Helped By Female Care Worker In Uniform
Speech Therapy
Medical Social Workers
Private Duty Nurse
Home Health Aide

Meet Our Psychiatrist Team

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Jane Marshall

Sr. Psychologist

Jane Marshall

Sr. Psychologist

Jane Marshall

Sr. Psychologist

Jane Marshall

Sr. Psychologist

Our Mission

Jethro Health System is dedicated to fostering individual and community health. We provide patient-focused care, recognize each person as a unique and practice a multi-disciplinary approach, support commitment to providing excellent/high-quality care to patients and families in the home environment

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy is based on four components: person, environment, holistic care, and health.


At Jethro Health System Patient-centered care is very important in our care. We provide care that is focused on the expectation, aspiration, and needs of each individual patient rather than the needs of the professionals or the agency. Our philosophy focuses on treating each person/patient as a unique individual that deserves to be valued and treated with respect, dignity, and compassion. Each person/patient deserves excellent service, regardless of their socio-economic status, age, religious preference, gender, spiritual condition, sexual orientation, physical condition, and race. We believe that patient should be empowered as a member of a support system, they deserved to be involved, educated and informed in all aspects their healthcare. Nurse’s attitude towards a person can indirectly or directly affect a person in their care.


We believe that patients recover faster in an environment that is safe, clean, quiet, and warm with adequate light and fresh air. Patient’s environment must support physical, emotional wellness and healing of each individual patient.

Holistic Care:

At Jethro Health System, we believe that each individual patient should be treated as a whole, this includes viewing and treating all aspects of the individual person, including the social, developmental, psychological, physical, cultural and spiritual needs of a patient. The first step in our care process is a comprehensive health assessment which involves holistic assessment, and the impacts each component may have on a patient’s recovery.


: To achieve our care goal at our patient’s home, our staffs promote self-care, safe environment, educate and involving patients and family in their health care. We provide caring, compassion, healing, advocacy, critical thinking and services that aim to achieve patients and families optimal care.

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